Sunday, December 14, 2008

6 Month Appt..

We had Jaylee's 6 mo appt the other day and this is how we started the day... HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY, lots of energy and of course cute as can be. BUT that all ended after 4 LONG unexpected hours at the Dr's and then the hospital for a CAT SCAN.
GOOD NEWS: She weighs a big 14 lbs is 25 inches long but her head is 45 cm which is what wasn't good news. I always knew her head was a little bigger but I guess it's a problem now. Her soft spot isn't closing like it should either so he is concerned that there may be pressure on her brain (Possible Hydrochephalis) and if so she will need a shunt placed to relieve the pressure so that it doesn't cause any damage. Of course this wasn't the kind of news we wanted to hear but we are being positive and hoping everything will be ok. We got the x ray taken but now they want us to go see a specialist for further reviews and another opinion.
Waiting patiently for the Dr to come in. She was already getting tired and we had a few more hours to go. 
This is her Dr.   Dr. Clark. He is a great guy and I am really pleased w how well he takes care of Jaylee and also how personable he is. 
Look at her poor eyes. She's getting so sleepy. 
Now time for her shots. These nurses are the sweetest girls and they always feel bad they have to do this to her. I felt bad taking a picture cuz yes, I should be holding her hands but she is so dang cute afterward. She only cries for a sec and then wimpers w her bottom lip out saying... "OUCH THAT KINDA HURT MOM" 
Is this not the most sad face you've ever seen????
Getting ready for the cat scan. (I hope thats how you spell it). I was kinda mad at the guy taking it cuz he kept saying after smashing her head even more inbetween these pads w tape that  "I NEEDED TO MAKE HER HOLD MORE STILL" HELLO... she is 6 mo old like that is possible when she is in a giant machine and scared to death. I don't think he was to happy that I took a picture either. 

I was laughing so hard when I downloaded this picture and realized she was flipping the bird. I was just wanting to get her droopy eyes and she wanted to show me how she really felt. She had missed 2 naps and was telling me "I've had enough mom, take me home so I can get some sleep already" 
She's starting the Starley hello already. Oh boy!!
(For those of you who don't know my family well, this is how everyone says hi. You get the bird, not a friendly wave.)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mommy and Daddy's Girl!

Me and my little girl. Isn't she the cutest little thing ever. Already 5 1/2 mo old. Where does the time go??? I have been so bad about posting so here are a few updates of Jaylee. We are loving every min w her. She is so much fun now and getting such a little personality. 
I walked into the room and this is what I saw. Nolan being the great daddy he is, playing w jaylee. He said he wanted to see what all the excitement was so he joined her under the play gym. I think he liked it more than jaylee. 
Always giving her shoulder rides. I'm not to sure about it but I guess you gotta trust em right. She does for some reason. 
UMMMMM  these toes are soooo TASTY.. Her favorite thing now is to hold on to her feet and put them in her mouth. SO FLEXIBLE.. If she takes after her mom, that wont last long. 
Her morning cartoons in the bumboo. She just stares at the TV. She doesn't get much TV time so she takes advantage when she gets it. EXCEPT, nolan thinks she LOVES football and thinks football needs to be on constantly for her. HMMM, I dont think so. 
AGAIN...... just enjoying her feet. So content. 

Friday, November 7, 2008

Halloween 2008

Jaylee's first halloween.. OUR LITTLE BUMBLE BEE.. 4 1/2 mo old. 
This year for Halloween we went over to Shane and Jodi's (My brothers house) in Hurricane to go trick or treating w Brock and Brex. Jaylee lasted about an hour and then was out cold in her stroller. Brock and Brex had a blast though. 
Why this picture is upsidedown, I don't know and I can't fix it but I think its the cutest picture of her and of course her little hands are together. 
Yes people, I had a hair crisis. I went completely dark about a month ago and hated it so i'm slowly going back. Thanks to my brother Shane telling me I looked terrible w dark hair and 4o yrs old, I tried to go back blonde a little to soon and my hair feels so fried. So, I'm stuck being dirty blonde for awhile. BROTHERS..... 
Gotta love the family photo shoot. 
Nolan just loving his little girl. 
Slowly falling over. 
These are my little nephews Brock and Brex and my sister in law Jodi. She was a good sport and dressed up. I think Marcae and I dressed up one to many times even when it wasn't Halloween so I wasn't up to it this year. 
My brother Shane and his boys. 
This is a Mask that makes Brock and Brex cry and FREAK OUT.. Shane told me to get the camera ready and get Brocks reaction. SO......... Here it is... 
Poor Kid.. he about wet his pants he was so scared. 
Shane trying to apologize. Brock wasn't up to talking right then. He was a little upset w his Daddy. 
Happy Halloween Right!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

JAYLEE 4 mo old and getting so big.

I know everyone always says enjoy every min cuz it goes by so fast and it really does. I can't believe she is already 4 + mo old. It seems like the past 2 weeks she has grown so much and she is doing so much. TODAY she rolled over for the first time. I was worried she was behind but she was just taking her own sweet time. These are a few things she has done in the past 2 weeks.
She is holding her own bottle now.
She for some reason holds her hands like she is praying all the time. It is so cute.
She LOVES her bath time and can't get enough of it.

She sits up in her bumbo all by herself w out a bobble head. Finally strong enough to hold her own head up.
She loves watching cartoons and giggles now. Her first giggles/laugh was last friday.
She gets so excited under her play gym and is grabbing and gripping things so hard now.
Her first sleep over w Kenyon Fritzsche. Gina's little boy. He's already all over her. Leg, arm and all. Isn't he the cutest little thing ever.

She is saying her prayers already. What a little angel.

I love my little girl so much and love being a mom. It has changed my life more than ever and I am loving every little moment w her.

Friday, October 3, 2008


My Best Friend Marcae put together a 5K Walk/Run and Harvest Fest in Fillmore in memory of her daughter Kate Rosenvall. "Kater Bugs"  Kate was born on July 15th 2006 and returned home on March 25th 2008 w her heavenly father. Kate touched many lives while she was here for a short time and was such a special little girl. Marcae and Bryan spent most of their time at Primary Childrens hospital where Kate spent many months of her life. You never once heard Marcae complain as she found the best out of all the hardships they had to go through. What amazing parents Kate was blessed to be with while here on this earth. They truly loved Kate and I know Kate knew how much they loved her. Kate fought until she couldn't fight anymore and is now watching over her loving parents and sister while she is now free from all the hospitial machines, poking and prauding and pain. She is a perfect little angle and we all love and miss her so much. Marcae and Bryan have been through so much but they somehow find the best out of everything and keep moving forward. All the money that was made from the Harvest 5k/Apple fest was donated to Primary childrens hospital in Kates name. It was held in my home town "Fillmore Utah" and there was an amazing turn out.  Thanks Marcae and Bryan for putting this together and for all the hard work and time you put into it. It was so much fun. 
This is where it all began. The starting line up fillmore canyon. 
Teresa Nielsen and I up bright and early ready to start the 5k up fillmore canyon.
Cute little Jaylee was so excited to run it w us and the smile shows it. She loves being outside and in the jogging stroller. 
The Nielsen girls. We are just missing Martha. I used to practically live at the Nielsens house. Good to see you girls.  
Jen, Cheryl Ocamb and Jill Larsen. 
Taunie Stott, Lisa Beckstrand, Brady Robinson and ME!! Haven't seen these girls forever. It was so good to see you all again. 
We all made it. This was after the race at the finish line at the Barn. 
Marcae, Teresa and I. 
My uncle jeff getting the apples ready. He was having a blast. There was a dinner that night along w a band, dancing and apple pressing. Everyone had a great time. 
Teresa and I went up to the cemetary to visit Kates grave site. It was placed a few weeks ago and I know Marcae was so excited to get this put in. She always has it looking so nice for little Kate. She is actually buried right by my dad. It was good for me to go up there. Marcae it turned out perfect. 
Jaylee just laying there enjoying Fillmores Fresh air while at the cemetary. 
Trying to look all country and stuff:) 
Just me and my hubby. He really was not excited to take this picture at all. Thanks though sweetie for supporting me and coming to fillmore for all the activities. Youre the best hubby ever. 

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jaylee's Blessing Day!!

We blessed Jaylee on Sunday and Nolan gave the most amazing blessing ever. I was so impressed w him and it was quite emotional. I was so scared that Jaylee was going to cry through the whole thing but she didn't make a peep. Nolans whole family came down for the weekend and it was great to spend time w them since we dont get to see them that much. After the blesssing we went to my brother Shane's house in Hurricane. It was so much fun to be w family and friends. Marcae and Bryan drove from SLC as well and we had alot of other friends that supported us as well. Thank you family and friends for being there on this special day. We love you all so much. 

Auntie Lindsey made this bracelet for her. Thanks Lindz.
Me and my little princess. 

My sister in Law Lindsey feeding Jaylee and giving me a break so I could try to eat. Doesn't she look like a natural. 
My two bestest friends, Jalene and Marcae were there. I love you guys. Thank you so much for always being there for me. 
Bryan and Mia. Isn't Mia a spitting image of Bryan. Thanks Bryan for being the supportive husband and coming down. Jaylee loves seeing her best friend Mia. 
Jalene is officially engaged and is practicing for when she is going to have a little one. SOON.. right Jalene?????? 
Just admiring our little miracle. 
Me and Lindsey. Shes a hottie isn't she.
I was going to post a few other pics of us doing our modeling poses but I'll save those for later. I thought this one was more appropriate.