Friday, November 7, 2008

Halloween 2008

Jaylee's first halloween.. OUR LITTLE BUMBLE BEE.. 4 1/2 mo old. 
This year for Halloween we went over to Shane and Jodi's (My brothers house) in Hurricane to go trick or treating w Brock and Brex. Jaylee lasted about an hour and then was out cold in her stroller. Brock and Brex had a blast though. 
Why this picture is upsidedown, I don't know and I can't fix it but I think its the cutest picture of her and of course her little hands are together. 
Yes people, I had a hair crisis. I went completely dark about a month ago and hated it so i'm slowly going back. Thanks to my brother Shane telling me I looked terrible w dark hair and 4o yrs old, I tried to go back blonde a little to soon and my hair feels so fried. So, I'm stuck being dirty blonde for awhile. BROTHERS..... 
Gotta love the family photo shoot. 
Nolan just loving his little girl. 
Slowly falling over. 
These are my little nephews Brock and Brex and my sister in law Jodi. She was a good sport and dressed up. I think Marcae and I dressed up one to many times even when it wasn't Halloween so I wasn't up to it this year. 
My brother Shane and his boys. 
This is a Mask that makes Brock and Brex cry and FREAK OUT.. Shane told me to get the camera ready and get Brocks reaction. SO......... Here it is... 
Poor Kid.. he about wet his pants he was so scared. 
Shane trying to apologize. Brock wasn't up to talking right then. He was a little upset w his Daddy. 
Happy Halloween Right!!!