Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Family, Friends & FUN...

I've been so bad about keeping up on this blogging stuff. Im going to try to do better. The summer is almost gone but I've been able to spend time w my new little girl and of course family and friends. I don't know what I would do without them and I now don't know what I would do without my little girl. She has been so much fun and I LOVE being a mom.
The past 3 weeks Jaylee has really started smiling alot and she really recognizes us and her surroundings.
We took her in for her 2 mo check last week and she weighs a woppin 9 lbs and is 22 inches long. Long and skinny. She's doing great and even doing better at nights. She only gets up 1 to 2 times a night now but the day that I finally get to sleep clear through the night will a good night. It will definitely call for a celebration when that happens.

Just waking up in the morning. Shes a morning girl and is so happy when she wake up.

Just getting ready for her bath.

This was actually one of the first days she smiled. Morning of Aug 8th. Of course I captured it on camera. What a cutie huh!!!

What would I do w out my friends?? I have the best friends and I can't tell you how lucky I am to have the friends I do.
These are my cute St. George Friends. Jalene Ellett, Regan Bastian, and Melanie Nielsen. An afternoon out to lunch w just the girls.

These are my bestest friends in the world.
Mackenzie (Johnson) Boyce, Gina (Quarnberg)Fritzsche, Marcae (Roper) Rosenvall, Teresa (Hinckley) Nielsen, and we are missing 2. Jalene Ellett and Deb Jordan weren't able to make this sleepover a few weeks ago, but are usually there. I brought Jaylee and she did great and loved hanging out w the girls. The 7 of us have made sure we get together at least once every month or two for a gathering and a sleepover. Our husbands wondered if it really was going to keep going the way we do w the whole sleep over thing and now they just deal w it. They think we might be to old for that but we'll be 80 yrs old and still having sleep overs. We stay up all hours of the night, eat LOTS of treats and talk about everything and anything. I know they will be there for me through anything and I love them to death. Thanks girls for being such great friends. I really dont know what I would do w out your friendships.

We were able to go to SLC and spend some time w Nolans family. These are pictures of his nieces and nephews. Aren't they the cutest little things. This is jennies little one Nixon. They actually look alot alike

Nixon, Jace, Leah, Bella and Jaylee. All cousins on Nolans side.

My sister Tamlyn was able to fly in to come and meet her favorite little niece. We of course had to spend time at the pool and get some sun.

My brother Shane and his 2 boys Brock and Brex. They are like little fish. They love the water.

All the girls laying out getting some sun.
My sisters and sister in laws.
Michele, Lindsey, Me, Jodi and Tamlyn.

The whole clan, even Shane and TJ decided to join us in the pool .

Gotta love to play poker. Of course Nolan was the dealer. He's the best. I actually won the first game. I've gotten to be pretty good:) I had a good teacher.

Does NOLAN LOOK SERIOUS OR WHAT.. Or just bored after 4 hours of playing poker.
(Don't worry Peep's that's not his drink. )

Monday, August 11, 2008


My favorite picture of Jaylee. She looks so PERFECT.

My best friend Marcae made this tu-tu for Jaylee. Her and Mia have matching ones. It is adorable. Marcae and I used to like to dress alike for some reason when we were little so we thought we'd do the same for our little ones. Thanks Marcae we love it.

Gotta love those curls.

Nolan absolutley adores his little girl.

This was one of the times she peed right in my hand and all over me.

A lady in my ward "Debra Outz" does photography.. "Funny Face Photos" She took these pictures for us and did a great job I thought. It was hard trying to keep Jaylee asleep and trying to get her to cooperate for some of the poses, but we made it through after her peeing on Nolan and I 3 times. I think shes adorable but what parent doesn't think that of their own child. I just hope you all think so too.