Sunday, December 14, 2008

6 Month Appt..

We had Jaylee's 6 mo appt the other day and this is how we started the day... HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY, lots of energy and of course cute as can be. BUT that all ended after 4 LONG unexpected hours at the Dr's and then the hospital for a CAT SCAN.
GOOD NEWS: She weighs a big 14 lbs is 25 inches long but her head is 45 cm which is what wasn't good news. I always knew her head was a little bigger but I guess it's a problem now. Her soft spot isn't closing like it should either so he is concerned that there may be pressure on her brain (Possible Hydrochephalis) and if so she will need a shunt placed to relieve the pressure so that it doesn't cause any damage. Of course this wasn't the kind of news we wanted to hear but we are being positive and hoping everything will be ok. We got the x ray taken but now they want us to go see a specialist for further reviews and another opinion.
Waiting patiently for the Dr to come in. She was already getting tired and we had a few more hours to go. 
This is her Dr.   Dr. Clark. He is a great guy and I am really pleased w how well he takes care of Jaylee and also how personable he is. 
Look at her poor eyes. She's getting so sleepy. 
Now time for her shots. These nurses are the sweetest girls and they always feel bad they have to do this to her. I felt bad taking a picture cuz yes, I should be holding her hands but she is so dang cute afterward. She only cries for a sec and then wimpers w her bottom lip out saying... "OUCH THAT KINDA HURT MOM" 
Is this not the most sad face you've ever seen????
Getting ready for the cat scan. (I hope thats how you spell it). I was kinda mad at the guy taking it cuz he kept saying after smashing her head even more inbetween these pads w tape that  "I NEEDED TO MAKE HER HOLD MORE STILL" HELLO... she is 6 mo old like that is possible when she is in a giant machine and scared to death. I don't think he was to happy that I took a picture either. 

I was laughing so hard when I downloaded this picture and realized she was flipping the bird. I was just wanting to get her droopy eyes and she wanted to show me how she really felt. She had missed 2 naps and was telling me "I've had enough mom, take me home so I can get some sleep already" 
She's starting the Starley hello already. Oh boy!!
(For those of you who don't know my family well, this is how everyone says hi. You get the bird, not a friendly wave.)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mommy and Daddy's Girl!

Me and my little girl. Isn't she the cutest little thing ever. Already 5 1/2 mo old. Where does the time go??? I have been so bad about posting so here are a few updates of Jaylee. We are loving every min w her. She is so much fun now and getting such a little personality. 
I walked into the room and this is what I saw. Nolan being the great daddy he is, playing w jaylee. He said he wanted to see what all the excitement was so he joined her under the play gym. I think he liked it more than jaylee. 
Always giving her shoulder rides. I'm not to sure about it but I guess you gotta trust em right. She does for some reason. 
UMMMMM  these toes are soooo TASTY.. Her favorite thing now is to hold on to her feet and put them in her mouth. SO FLEXIBLE.. If she takes after her mom, that wont last long. 
Her morning cartoons in the bumboo. She just stares at the TV. She doesn't get much TV time so she takes advantage when she gets it. EXCEPT, nolan thinks she LOVES football and thinks football needs to be on constantly for her. HMMM, I dont think so. 
AGAIN...... just enjoying her feet. So content.