Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jaylee's Blessing Day!!

We blessed Jaylee on Sunday and Nolan gave the most amazing blessing ever. I was so impressed w him and it was quite emotional. I was so scared that Jaylee was going to cry through the whole thing but she didn't make a peep. Nolans whole family came down for the weekend and it was great to spend time w them since we dont get to see them that much. After the blesssing we went to my brother Shane's house in Hurricane. It was so much fun to be w family and friends. Marcae and Bryan drove from SLC as well and we had alot of other friends that supported us as well. Thank you family and friends for being there on this special day. We love you all so much. 

Auntie Lindsey made this bracelet for her. Thanks Lindz.
Me and my little princess. 

My sister in Law Lindsey feeding Jaylee and giving me a break so I could try to eat. Doesn't she look like a natural. 
My two bestest friends, Jalene and Marcae were there. I love you guys. Thank you so much for always being there for me. 
Bryan and Mia. Isn't Mia a spitting image of Bryan. Thanks Bryan for being the supportive husband and coming down. Jaylee loves seeing her best friend Mia. 
Jalene is officially engaged and is practicing for when she is going to have a little one. SOON.. right Jalene?????? 
Just admiring our little miracle. 
Me and Lindsey. Shes a hottie isn't she.
I was going to post a few other pics of us doing our modeling poses but I'll save those for later. I thought this one was more appropriate.